Quotient Health

Impact Areas

Transformation through automation



Cost & Service Transformation

Redirect financial resources to high value initiatives - reducing support cost

Impact Areas


End User Community:

Increases Effective Delivery of Care

Reduces support requests and complaints leading to better clinical adoption and patient car



Reallocation Of Resources

Redirect human capital on to new care initiatives. Focused on new functionalit

Physician / Nursing Champions:

Workflow Optimization

Strengthen enterprise-wide clinical adoption.


Technical Directors:

Increased KPIs and Proformance

Improve productivity & response times



Optimizes Patient Care

By allowing for resource efforts to be focused on optimization of the EMR platform the Patient - Provider is strengthened as the provider burden is lowered.  

Application Managers/Directors:

Team Priority Management

Ability to redirect analysts onto optimization efforts and not just fire fighting


Application Analysts:

Effective Time Management

Significantly reduces work-load and stress level