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Increasing value within Health IT Support through transformation


With more than a century of combined industry experience

Headquartered in Denver, Colorado with an ability to service clients from coast to coast, Quotient Health represents the ideology of creative and disruptive technology development for which Denver is rapidly becoming well known. Quotient Health has developed a scalable enterprise software product, which uses Machine Learning coupled with an AI assignment component that can dramatically reduce the cost of supporting EHR systems; Thus creating value and service transformation on health system-wide level.

While developing additional products based off of our core technology providing an enterprisewide solution for some of the most challenging problems facing US healthcare systems, today and in the future.

Utilizing a modified blockchain technology coupled with human behavior modeling and processing we are creating solutions in Role-Based Access Control compliance, segregation of duties, controlled medication management and provider portability between differing EHRs.

Creating a cloud-based multifaceted rosetta stone for the foundational data of processes and workflows contained in each different EHR platform, on which all optimized patient results, revenue cycle management, and payor information relay.





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The Innovation Department


Issues once detected, are batched my the resolution method and assigned to analysts with the correct solution, optimizing productivity

Issues once detected, are batched my the resolution method and assigned to analysts with the correct solution, optimizing productivity


Areas of Innovation

INtuitive AI Analyst ™

We find and solve issues before they are reported; using multidimensional algorithms to find correlation and causation, machine learning to normalize client specific workflows to find configuration errors in real-time.


Intersystem Translations for Physician Preference Portability

Utilizing a normalization of foundational data and machine learning translation we allow for the portability of time-consuming preference lists and orderable through a cloud-based multifaceted Rosetta Stone.  

Persona identity Management™

Role Based Access Control has been a challenge in Healthcare because of the dynamic nature of care delivery. Instead of relying on archaic models akin to Henry Ford's assembly line we analyze and create accurate segregation of duties and the ability to meet meaningful use and pass security audits with transparent reporting.  

Universal workflow optimization

By tracking human behavior within the Electronic Health Record systems and overlaying multiple datasets from different organizations, we find the optimized path to the desired and intended result. .


Realtime Patient - Prescriber PersonaVerification™ For Prescribing & Management of Controlled Medication utilizing a shortchain blockchain technology to provide instant verification with a PHI-less interface.


Multidimensional Revenue Forecasting overlays over Predictive Analytics

Understanding  Revenue cycle optimization with big data analytics and predictive intelligence capabilities that shows modeling based off of countless factors.   


We must all obey the great law of change. It is the most powerful law of nature.
— Edmund Burke


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